Gran Sabana

Handmade tepuies wood sign
Handmade tepuies wood sign

 In 2017, I was 22 years old. I came to New York from Venezuela by myself; I couldn’t bring many things with me but I really wanted to keep something that means a lot. This is not an object from my grandparents or family ancestors. Nevertheless, a local guide, called Yonny, from the largest indigeneous community Pemon in Venezuela, gave it to me as a present. In 2016, I visited Mount Roraima where I met Yonny. We didn’t speak the same language but became friends during our 10 days trip. We were hiking to the top, and he was our local guide. He told me a lot of stories while hiking. As soon as we came back to the closest pemon community, he gave me a handmade wood sign that shows the tepuis located in La Gran Sabana, Venezuela. He said he wanted me to keep the sign because I was very respectful with nature, and he started explaining about the importance of those rock formations and the relation of them with the origin of earth. It wasn't until years later that I dedicated a lot of reading about this place full of mythics and history. Every time I see the image I remember all the magic of the Roraima Tepui. 

Place(s): Gran Sabana, Venezuela
Year: 2017

– Maria

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