Golden Bracelet

In Attire

This bracelet dates back to the Qing Dynasty in China. It was originally a wedding present to my grandma from her grandma. It represents the tight bond that my grandma had with her parents and their tragic history. According to my mother, our family was very wealthy back then, and in the declining years of the Qing Dynasty leading up to the Chinese Civil War, our house was plundered by rebel soldiers. They confiscated all of our property and took all the cash they could find. The soldiers also took my great-grandparents into custody, and my mom says that after that moment, we never heard from them again. In order to escape the war-torn country, my family moved to Vietnam in 1929, and my grandma took the bracelet with her. Many years later, just like my great-grandma, she gave it to my mother as a wedding gift in 1991- saying that it was a gift from both her and my great-grandparents. Ever since that day, my mother has kept this bracelet in a tiny glass case in her room- having it serve as a reminder of her family's experiences in the far reaches of the past. The Chinese characters on the bracelet say "blessing, money, and longevity" and it was meant to be a good-luck charm.

Year: 1929

– Darren Tha

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