Golden and Black Watch

In Attire
Relationship: Child of im/migrant

My mom’s object is a watch. The watch is thin with a little clock in the middle. The strap is gold and the face is black. My mom had this watch for 26 years and it still looks brand new. It was made in Puerto Rico (where my mom is from). The history behind it is that my grandma gave the watch to my mom for her 15th birthday. It is important to me because the watch is going to be passed from one generation to another which means eventually I am going to have it. My great-great grandma kept the watch which keeps the stories and memories to remember our ancestry. The watch was passed to my mom when she was 15 because her mom knew it was time to pass it and make history with it. My mom left Puerto Rico on July 11, 1989. This watch helped my mom when she was here alone in United States with her sister. The watch reminded my mom of the good times she had with her family in Puerto Rico. The reasons my mom came to NY was because of the better jobs and educational opportunities. It is important for people to learn about immigrants and their country because people can reflect on the story when they want to go to a different country and become immigrants and they can also relate with the stories that they heard before. This connects to being an American because it is tough to come from another country especially by yourself and get used to the customs and go traditions.

Year: 1989

– Aaliyah Delgado

Relationship:  Child of im/migrant Child of im/migrant