Glory cake

Relationship: Im/migrant

St. Jovan is a special holiday for my family, because we celebrate the life of our patron Saint.  That day the whole family stays together and eats dinner. A few days before, the women prepare the best dishes. Also, we prepare the special “Glory cake” in a particular way.   Glory cake is a bread, round in shape with many decorations on the top, such as doves, books, wine barrels, wheat and many more. These figures symbolize health, happiness, wealth and success.  It is very important that when we decorate the cake we stay together and we help each other. While we make the cake, we are together talking and laughing.   For me, things are not as important as memories. The most valuable things you bring with yourself are in your head. These are memories.

Place(s): Serbia
Year: 2015

– Natasa

Relationship:  Im/migrant Im/migrant