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My new frog
My new frog

Description: The reason I chose my frog is because my dad was working on the outside of our house and found it. When my dad surprisingly came across this weird looking object he was cleaning the basement window well. He touched it and it jumped. He realized it was stuck and could not jump out. He then called me outside to take it out of the window box.  I picked it up and made a little house for it with dirt and water out of an old cooler in the backyard. I bought food for the frog and it is now living happily in its new home away from predators. This object has meaning to me because at first when I did not have the frog, I was just bored. Now I can wake up every morning and be excited to go outside and see how much my frog has grown and if he has eaten his food. It has brought comfort to me because I am also getting exercise and having fun. I run to the park to get some worms for my frog and then run back home to give him the worms.

– K

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