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My object is a medal that has a picture of an angel and a prayer on the back. It was made in the USA. It is made of copper. I got it from my basketball coach. It is important because I got it when I finished my first season of basketball. He gave it to me (and the rest of the team) because for most of us it was the first time we played competitively, and he wanted to motivate use to keep playing. It stands for motivation, perseverance, and the will not to give up. The reason it has an angel on the front and a prayer on the back is because I played on my old school’s basket ball team and my old school was a catholic school, so if we were ever nervous we would remember the prayer and it would sometimes make use feel better. The object represents me because to this day I still like and play basketball and I didn’t give up. I keep it somewhere safe because it is very special to me and I don’t want anything to happen to it. Sometimes when I am looking for something near the place I put I remember the day I got it.


Samir Tawasha

                     Set 3 

Place(s): USA
Year: 2014

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