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My own pair of castanets
My own pair of castanets

The castanets are a percussion instrument used in flamenco singing and dancing. 
My granny used to be a great dancer when she was younger. When I was growing up she tried repeatedly to teach me how to play the castanets but I wasn't great at it. 
When I moved to the States 6 years ago someone gave me as a going away a pair of castanets for me not to forget about my roots. I still don't know how to play the castanets. Now my granny is 90 years old and she started getting osteoarthritis 10 years ago so she is not able to play anymore. 
I saved the castanets from one of my drawers and even though I'm still not great at it, it gives me sense of belonging to my own family in spite of distance. 

Place(s): Spain
Year: 2013

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Relationship:  Im/migrant Im/migrant