Family pool

In Fun

My grandma’s pool I pIcked my object because Me and my dad go to my grandma's house for the summer. We go Into the pool and have fun. My dad brIngs a speaker to the pool so we can lIsten to musIc. I swIm In the pool and I jump off the dIvIng board.I chose It because I lIke to have fun In the pool because summer Is really fun.
My grandma lIves In new jersey her pool Is In her backyard and It's really nIce.I chose my grandma’s pool because I go there every summer because It's really fun because I can dIve Into the pool and I started goIng there when I was 2 years old.       A questIon I have Is when that pool was made and who dId thIngs to It If anyone dId expect fIllIng up the poolMy fInal thoughts are how much gallons of water Is In It and what makes the pool have a effect InsIde It.

Place(s): New Jersey


Relationship:  unknown unknown