Sewing Machine

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This is my sewing machine
This is my sewing machine

I believe my sewing machine got me through quarantine because I love arts and crafts. I have many dream jobs including being a seamstress, baker, own my own line of clothes, and be a vet/dog walker/ animal caretaker. Since quarantine started most of the things I can do now is bake and sew. I chose to do sewing because it is relaxing and I love to make new things everyday. On May 24th I made and old skirt into a new shirt, and before that made scrunchies/ hair ties and gave them to some people I know. There are many things you can make while sewing including shirts, skirt, bathing suits, shorts, pajamas, etc. Some projects when sewing can even take weeks depending on what you are planning to make. Sewing is a good thing to do when you are bored, stuck at home, or want to do something constructive when you have nothing to do.

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