My Family Painting

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My Family Painting
My Family Painting

My object is a painting made by my aunt, who was the first African American female cartoonist. This object shows importance to my family because it represents Jackie Ormes and the painting is really detailed.This painting is a painting of a person riding a tiger. It is from the U.S.  When I am an adult either me or my brother will inherit the painting. It truly is a family treasure. Jackie Ormes wasn't much of a painter though.
I chose the painting for this project because it's something I look at everyday and when I was thinking of an object to write about it just popped in my head. It was made by my great grandma's sister in law. 
I think this object was made to express something. Maybe a phrase. I wonder if Jackie Ormes/my aunt was inspired to make this cool painting. I also wonder how long it took to make it or how hard it was to make it. I also wonder if the picture was of Jackie Ormes riding the tiger.
The person who made this, Jackie Ormes, had already made many books or cartoons before making this painting. Before the painting was made she made a cartoon that a lot of people read. It was called “Torchy Brown'' in Dixie to Harlem. Now you may be wondering when this painting was made. Unfortunately I have no living relatives to answer that. 
I think it was July 2018 when I had to stay with one of my aunts. That was because my mom and dad went to California to give a speech at Comic Con about Jackie Ormes and all of her work. She was inducted into the Will Eisner Comic Industry Eisner Award Hall of Fame in 2018. That's the backstory of the painting.

Place(s): Brooklyn

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