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A wooden red block
A wooden red block

Have you ever loved something so much but people never understood why? In my life, one thing that I love so much that people at home never understand is camp. Camp has taught me a lot of lessons and brought me a ton of new experiences, but the relationships I’ve made far outweighs everything else. During the school year, almost everyone waits for the summer to begin because it signals the end of school. In addition, summer also signals a reunion with my brothers. During the summer, my friends, hundreds of others and I  go up to camp in Pennsylvania for seven weeks. During the last week of camp, we are all divided into 2 teams - red and grey. As a result, the camp competes in a sports “war” for 4 days. The flagpole is made into a scoreboard with scores on red and grey blocks on either side. At the end of each day the team scores are announced and axes are placed on the appropriate score. When the war is over, all the staff and the oldest campers spend the last night together. These blocks that designate the team scores are removed from the flagpole and given to the oldest campers, the ones that lead the entire camp for these 4 days. People that I have looked up to my entire camp career have written on my block and have written some of their favorite memories they have with me on it. For this reason, I will forever cherish this block. But above all, I can’t wait till the day when I can write on a younger camper’s block. 

Place(s): Equinunk, Pennsylvania

– Ryan Dickson

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