Fleur De Lis Pin

Relationship: Im/migrant
A fleur de lis pin that I bought in 1985 at an antique shop during my first year in New Orleans.

The “fleur de lis” has a multitude of meanings to different people. I believe its original design is the lily with a French royalty background, but it can also have religious, welcoming, and of course, sports references. Growing up in middle America, it held little meaning to me. However, that changed in 1985. My boyfriend at the time was promoted and moved to New Orleans. After many months of separation, we made the decision to marry and started our new life in this wonderfully strange, culturally different city. We lived in New Orleans for less than 5 years, but the love for a city that gave us our start has never faltered. This pin was purchased at an antique store our first year. Nothing fancy, nothing expensive, but this is what I see every time I wear my “fleur de lis.” I see the beginning of a 32 year wonderfully happy marriage. I see wonderful friends. I see great restaurants. I see music! I see the beginning of a love for a new football team. I see my first understanding of Mardi Gras. I see the birth of my first child. I see a sports season and a Super Bowl game that made me cry. I see my first born living and working in the city he was born in and reminding me daily of the joy that this city can bring. So as you see, the “fleur de lis” can have a multitude of meaning to everyone! 

Place(s): New Orleans, Louisiana
Year: 1985

– Jill Talley

Relationship:  Im/migrant Im/migrant