Weaving spool, ring & book

Ring with Family Crest
Ring with Family Crest

My mother's last name is Warnaars and it is of Dutch decent. The  Warnaars is an old family name that is traced back to the early 1500's and the whole family history is documented in an old book my grandfather gave me. The name comes from weavers. Back then last names described what the families did for work. My family put a weaving spool on the family crest because that is what they did. The eldest son of each generation wore the ring with the family crest. The old weaving spool in the picture was my great grandmother's. My grandfather has the original family ring which is green and that was passed down from generations. Nowadays,  women can also get the ring made in different colors. My mom has one in pink. 

Place(s): The Netherlands
Year: 1981

– Saskia Claps Warnaars

Relationship:  Grandchild of im/migrant Grandchild of im/migrant