First Communion Candle

My story is about my Catholic first communion candle that has been passed down throughout my family, and through their baptisms. This candle is a way to show our strong family beliefs of Catholicism when having first communion. Its a tradition to carry the candle while walking past the pews of the people watching the ceremony. The tradition started with my grandmother being Catholic. My grandmother, my father, and my sisters and I all carried the same candle when we celebrated our first communion. First communion is a big deal in my family because you are finally able to consume God's sacrifice for us, or are mature enough to finally understand the last supper. All of my family's members who celebrated their first communion with this candle have lived in Tulsa, where I currently live. My grandmothers family goes way back being Catholic, and were early settlers in the United States. Before we walk down the pews for first communion with our lit candle, we are told to not eat for 3 hours before to be cleansed inside, and be able to be full of the Holy Spirit. The candle is just plastic, but still means a lot in our family, and resembles our important Catholic faith. 

Place(s): Oklahoma

– Jacqueline

Relationship:  Grandchild of im/migrant Grandchild of im/migrant