Grandfather's Chain

Relationship: Im/migrant
Grandfather's chain
Grandfather's chain

My grandfather was a significant man in my life when I was younger. He was basically like a second father to me. My grandfather migrated from Haiti with a chain he wore every day. I don't remember the last time he ever took the chain off. The chain had a cross with Jesus symbolizing the sacrifice Jesus made for us to be alive today. At the time, it really didn't mean much to me, but it definitely meant a lot to my grandfather. My grandfather was a religious man, so he believed every word in the Bible. When he died in 2018, he told my mother that he wanted to give it to me to wear as he did. Since I received the chain, I thought it was too valuable for me to be wearing it casually because it symbolized the way my grandfather lived his life and what he stood for. This meant a lot to me, so now the necklace stays in a special box in my room. This chain represents my grandfather's loyalty to his country and what he believed in.

Relationship:  Im/migrant Im/migrant