Father from 1939

Relationship: Im/migrant
Sen Kennedy ‘s amnesty saved my family
Sen Kennedy ‘s amnesty saved my family

 There was the 1882 ,Chinese Exclusion Act because as usual someone were stealing the jobs, that no one wanted. 
That law was repealed after World War II.
Because of famine and civil war, like many Chinese entered US with fake Papers as Paper Sons. My father , age 11-13? arrived 1939 by boat by himself  and travelled to Boston. He worked at Chinese Hand Laundry, had 2 years of public education. 
After Pearl Harbor event, he volunteered as a gunner’s mate on  US Navy ‘s PT  Boat  and was involved with D-Day invasion in France. 
With fake papers,again, he introduced his young bride , my mother into this country in 1948. He worked in the laundry and in a Chinese restaurant as a waiter,, had a family  3 children born in USA.
With his foresight, my father wrote and explained his situation to Sen Ted Kennedy. In his letter, He added his volunteer service during WWII . He shared The PT boat experience  where his older brother who also served  but in the Pacific theater.
Sen Ted Kennedy granted amnesty.
I was 13 when I coached my parents for their citizenship exam. Since 1963, both of my parents are US citizens and do vote. We are grateful for Sen Ted Kennedy.
My parents would not survive deportation  during this White House administration.

Place(s): China
Year: 1939

– ElizabethMei Wong

Relationship:  Im/migrant Im/migrant