Family Ring

This diamond ring has been in my family since my great-grandmother purchased it in Hong Kong as a young adult. She married my great grandfather and had my grandmother and her 3 sisters and brother. My grandmother grew up and fell in love with my grandfather as high school students. Shortly after graduating, my grandfather and his family decided to migrate to America, and he asked her to come with him. However, her family had decided to move to Canada, but she said yes regardless, choosing to experience the United States first with my grandfather, and then meet up with the rest of her family in Canada afterwards. After a few days of staying in New York with my grandfather, she realized she wanted to stay there with him forever, so she went to Canada just to say goodbye to the rest of her family. As a parting gift she got this ring from her mother. The ring was untouched until after my father was born and grown up. At the age of 26, he told his mother,  that he wanted to marry my mother, and my grandmother knew just the ring for the occasion. My dad proposed to my mom with this ring and inherited it from his mother. The ring now stays in a safety deposit box in a bank that I visited to take this photograph. Someday, as the eldest child in the family, I will inherit this ring and pass it down to future generations. 

Year: 1967

– Taylor Kwok

Relationship:  Grandchild of im/migrant Grandchild of im/migrant