Family Portrait

Family portrait from Germany
Family portrait from Germany

 This is a photo of my Grandma and Great-Grandparents taken in around 1946, when my Grandma was 5 years old. It is taken in a displaced persons camp in Germany that they lived in for two or three years. They brought the photograph over when they immigrated to America through Ellis Island in 1948.  My Grandma and her parents lived in 5 different countries in Europe before immigrating to try to avoid the Nazis so they wouldn't be sent to concentration camps, which is how they ended up in a displaced persons camp in Germany, even though my Grandma was born in Siberia, Russia. This is what happened to many Jews after World War II; they lived in a displaced persons camp for several years before finding a permanent home. In my family, some left for the United States, like my Grandma and her parents, and some went to Israel. 

Place(s): Germany, Russia, New York, Israel
Year: 1948

– JB

Relationship:  Grandchild of im/migrant Grandchild of im/migrant