Family Plaque

Once my parents came to America from 1983, they did their best to assimilate into the new culture. So when they raised my sister and I, we had almost an entirely different upbringing. The only thing in my house that showed the cultural background of my parents was the family plaque that was perched in the corner of my living room. For the first eight years of my life, I never knew the significance of it. I always just thought it was a random piece for decoration. It was only after my house burned down 2006, did I realize how much the plaque meant to my parents. After everything was destroyed in the fire, the first thing my parents replaced was this plaque. The plaque is sort of a good will charm for my family, and is the only cultural thing my parents kept and will pass on to my sister and I. --Kevin Wu

Year: 1983

– Kevin Wu

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