Family Photo


My family photo is one of the last recollections of how life was like before we came to America. Being an undocumented immigrant my parents worked hard on their jobs when they decided stay in America and leave Korea behind. Most of their life they were hardworking considering how my parents were upper-middle class back in Korea and gave everything up to come here in order to support me and my sister's educations. Once we came to America we were faced with back-to-back hardships my parents got swindled by a corrupt priest from false promises of citizenship. Although coming here to America was indeed hard and my immigrant journey might not be as motivational as some others I feel I grew better as a person by coming here. A lot of things changed once arriving to the states our religion, status as well as income changed drastically. My parents made sure even though our status was that of lower-middle class that we as their children had everything we needed to succeed. This family photo is important because it shows a once happier and easier life which now shows contrast of how family managed to keep it all together. 

Relationship:  Im/migrant who arrived as a child Im/migrant who arrived as a child