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What the cross looks like from the front
What the cross looks like from the front

The person that I interviewed for was my grandma because she was the one that started the whole trend and she made the same identical cross for my Grandpa, Herself, Mom, Step siblings, dad, Step brother, and Step sister. The cross is a pretty decent size, and fits right in the middle of my palm. The cross is made out of 14k gold and has sprinkled on diamonds. Also for men the cross is bigger than women crosses. My mom sadly lost her cross going on a trip about two years ago and it was stolen out of her suitcase with many other jewelry items of hers. My brother's cross was also lost because he was dumb and went into the Alantic Ocean with it, and a wave crested on his neck and the chain broke and fell off. My grandma originally made a mold out of it before Christmas in 1986 at a goldsmith shop in Brookfield, Wisconsin. The cross that my grandpa had gotten at that time had a cost of about 1,000 dollars because gold was so expensive at the time. My grandma did make this rule that you have to be confirmed at a church which just basically means accepting responsibility for your faith and destiny. And I have been confirmed at a church and I will hopefully soon be getting a cross like you see in the picture.

– Jack

Relationship:  Im/migrant Im/migrant