La Virgen Maria


The story begins in Bogota ,Colombia where my family and I are from. This statue has been in my family longer than I have been born.When my parents first got married and moved into our home back in Colombia, a very close family friend gifted us this virgin Mary Statue. It was a replica of the one at my grandmother house from my dads side of the family. My grandma had a cool set up of la Virgen Maria , She had a little alter that was surrounded by a mini pond and tons of plants. I remember sitting in the back yard just relaxing near the set up. Our family has always had la Virgen Maria everywhere we have lived. To me it is so special because when I look at her , I feel a sense of comfort, I'm relaxed and I feel at home. She represents the journey that my family has been on and she is a huge part of my culture . I know that she means a lot to my dad because it reminds him of home and our family back in Colombia. While my dad was growing up, religion was a big part of his life and he enjoyed it so when he got older he wanted us to experience religion just like he did. He always talked about finding a replica of the virgen Mary that was at my grandmas house , so when his friend got it for him he was so grateful. We've prayed the rosary to her as a family throughout the years and we also make sure she is always clean and dust free. 

Place(s): Bogota , Colombia
Year: 1999

– Daniela

Relationship:  Im/migrant who arrived as a child Im/migrant who arrived as a child