My mother was born and raise 1/3 of her life in Venezuela, she has Colombian parents that raise her with Colombia traditions, living in the united states, learning the culture/tradition and language. My father was born en la costa de Colombia. Making my siblings and I ColomVenezolanos. My mother went back to Venezuela when she was young, and later on started her family. She had 3 kids, my sister that is the oldest, then me, and my younger brother. after of period of living in Venezuela my parents decided to go to the united states. My mother took all her jewelry passed down from mother to mother, my grandmother name is Amelia, as well as my mothers name, and my sisters name. But the jewelry that every child in my mothers family (she the oldest out of 6) was this special Esmeralda, this beautiful green rock that is mostly found in Colombia. when my sister turn 15 she got a ring with Emeralds all around it, as well as everyone else before that, and so on until it was my turn. This is a traditional pigment that is passed down for special occasion.

Place(s): Colombia,Venezuela
Year: 2009

– valeria negrette lopez

Relationship:  Im/migrant who arrived as a child Im/migrant who arrived as a child