Leon 59

Relationship: Im/migrant
my grandfathers truck
my grandfathers truck

The object I chose to talk about was my grandfather's truck that he named “Leon 59”. It was given this name by my grandfather Leon as a combination of his first name and year of birth. My grandfather was a strict man but had a soft spot for cars. Leon 59 is the only thing I have of my grandfather after he passed away last year. 
He lived all the way in Missouri which meant I never got to see him. When I did visit him though he was so happy to talk to me about cars and how this Ford will be mine. My grandfather taught me how to drive a manual on the truck and taught me many other things about cars. When he passed it was like he was gone forever until the truck showed up. As soon as I saw the truck in the driveway, I broke down knowing that my grandfather is always going to be with me in this truck.  
The past year I've been doing everything in my will to get it back on the road. Just the other day I needed brake fluid because I forgot to buy it. I went to open the hood and my grandfather had left brake fluid in there for when it was low. At that time I felt my grandfather there laughing at me, calling me an idiot knowing he had put it there before he passed for me to find it. I've dropped hundreds of dollars on my grandfather's truck. I want to  know that my grandfather is happy and proud up above seeing how his truck is doing with me. The truck is waiting on tags; then the leon 59 will be back on the road. My grandfather will always be there with me whenever I'm on the road.  

Place(s): Missouri
Year: 2011

– CW-S

Relationship:  Im/migrant Im/migrant