Relationship: Child of im/migrant
Collage of my story
Collage of my story

The year was 1995 and my dad has just arrived in the US for law school. You see that photo of him and my grandma? That’s him graduating law school. Ah, maple syrup fresh Canadian syrup. Most of Canada’s syrup comes from Quebec. Quebec is famous for its thousands of maple trees. You see that white logo? That is the logo of the Toronto Maple Leaves hockey team. This means a lot to me because my dad grew up playing hockey in his hometown of Ajax, Ontario, Canada. Don’t pay attention to my face, look at my hat that is the Toronto Blue Jays logo. To this day, they are the only MLB team in Canada. I was at one of the most tense games in Blue Jay history.

Place(s): Canada, New York City
Year: 1995

– MS

Relationship:  Child of im/migrant Child of im/migrant