Embroidered Silk Bolia

In Attire

My father came to America from a small town in Greece when he was 20 to get a degree in Engineering. After finishing with his Masters in Mechanical Engineering, he was able to get a good job to send money back home. My grandfather worked in agriculture like most men did, and my grandmother had a talent in embroidery, particularly in crafting the Megarian costume. Traditionally, most families from Megara owns traditional Megarian clothes that eventually get passed down from generation to generation. The Katifenia is the traditional costume that was usually worn by women at their weddings back in the day. My grandparents were not wealthy; therefore there weren’t many valuable things that were left to their children. This piece is a small part of the bolia, which is an all-silk golden weave shawl that is worn over the head. Before my grandmother passed away, the piece was given to my parents. It was my father’s great grandmothers bolia that was torn into pieces and distributed amongst different family members. Sadly, since it cannot be worn, my mother has framed the beautiful piece and put it in our living room. Although it is no longer whole, this little piece of embroidered silk symbolizes our family and represents where we come from.

Year: 1974

– Paris Garyfallis

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