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My uncle's cape
My uncle's cape

My great uncle, Sidney Franklin, was a famous bullfighter who fought bulls in Spain. He fought bulls from July 1923 to 1945. In addition, he appeared in a few films in the USA and Mexico. Later he presented bullfights on American TV. Earnest Hemingway also included him in his book “Death in the afternoon” and said his reptorie with his cape was enormous. He also said he is one of the most skillful, graceful and slow manipulators of a cape fighting today. While fighting bulls, he used a cape which was used to trick the bulls into running in certain directions. The fabric used to manufacture this muleta is flannel and its texture as its cut are both very important elements to transmit suitably the movements and so to be able to temperate the attack's speed. This object came from Spain where he spent most of his carrer and was passed down to my grandfather from him and will eventually be given to my family. When my grandfather first told me about him I was amazed with him accomplishments and the fact that he was a bullfighter was the coolest thing to me. My granfather also showed me pictures of him and I remember noticing how robust he was. I also remember telling all my friends about it while being so proud to be related to a person of his success. This object and the story it told are both very important to me because it shows me how my story and his story have many things in common Such as being ambitious and eccentric.

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Place(s): Spain

– Josh

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