When I was in second grade and lived in Belarus my grandmother gave me a present- a pair of gold earrings, each decorated with a diamond and a ruby stone. I loved them from the first sight. However, there was one problem- my ears weren't pierced. I don't recall my grandmother giving me an explanation of any kind. Did she forget that my ears aren't pierced Either way, a present from a grandmother is a present from a grandmother nonetheless. For many years the earrings were stored in my parents' closet. Sometimes I would sneak up, take them out, and put them to my ears pretending like I could wear them. I couldn't wait to get my ears pierced to one day put those beautiful metals in my ears and feel accomplished. However, time went by, I moved to the US, was on different continents with my grandma, and my ears still weren’t pierced. Only when I was 14 did I finally get those long desired holes, but by that time I completely forgot about the shiny objects I so desired to put on. One day, I decided to go over all my jewelry and I found them; the earrings that brought so many memories. It made me understand that although I will probably never wear them because it seems that I can never find an occasion for them, but they will always carry the memory of Belarus, of my childhood desire, and of my grandmother. It was the idea of her giving them to me that made them truly valuable, even to this day when I clean my closet, find them, and get the same warm feeling.

Year: 2011

– Diana V

Relationship:  Im/migrant who arrived as a child Im/migrant who arrived as a child