Straight Razors

Straight Razors
Straight Razors

My great-grandpa was born in 1907 and raised in Forkville, Mississippi. Most of his ancestors immigrated from Ireland or lived in America. He was raised on a farm, with two siblings. His family was very religious, and they were conservative baptists. When he was three years old, his 23 year old mother became pregnant with their fourth child. Unfortunately, neither the baby or his mother survived. When he grew up, he stayed in Forkville and bought a restaurant. He ran the restaurant until the Great Depression.
Later on, he had one daughter, my grandmother. My grandmother remembers her father using a specially crafted straight razor every morning before he went to work. They became a very important part of her life, and they were eventually passed down to my father. Since my dad doesn’t have many memories of his grandpa, he says knowing that my great-grandpa touched these razors brings him closer to him and helps my dad keep the few memories he has of him. They are also some of the only mementos he has of him. 
When I touch my grandpas straight-razors I also feel connected to him. Knowing that they were such a big part of his life and so meaningful to my dad and to my grandma makes them feel even more special to me. Even though I only met him once, I feel like I know so much more about him from them. 

Place(s): Mississippi, New York


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