Relatives Of My Family


 This is a family tree made by my great-grandmother from my mother side, her name is Liliya. It is a poster with photographs and names of my ancestors. I think she created this poster to trace back her heritage and pass on to younger generations so they'll know. She composed it after living in New York City for the majority of her life; she originally immigrated with her husband from Belarus, Minsk during the time of Perestroika to Brooklyn in the late 1940s. She shared this family tree with me during one of my visits. Though it doesn't have dates it covers several generations. Her intention was to demonstrate how Perestroika split up our family. She captured this significant change by separating the two trajectories. It helps me understand where and who I'm originated from. It is valuable to have such artifact because learning about family history is important, but it is even more precious for someone who created it. It is essential to understanding ourselves and basic humanity and diversity. Family history also helps to keep memories alive. I feel fortunate to come from a family that a so strong and survived through the tough conditions. 
P.S. Apart from this poster she also wrote a book about our family history based on her own memories and experience.  

Place(s): New York, Manhattan, Brooklyn

– Maria Kraynyaya

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