Dust in the Wind

Lucky Gold Chain
Lucky Gold Chain

"All we are is dust in the wind." This was my grandpa’s favorite song, and he would endlessly recount and perform this classic by Kansas until my sister and I couldn't take it. But what I would do to hear him sing it one more time. 
In all his lengthy accounts about the ocean, he would always remark and bring up how he had his lucky necklace on. He would go on and on about how having this chain that was bestowed to him from his father was an intrinsic life jacket that kept his soul and physical body calm and prepared in some of his most desperate moments. 

When he passed, days later I found out he entrusted the care of this special necklace with me. I was overcome with emotion. Not only dealing with the loss, but the fact that my hero was passing down his prized possession to me was astonishing. I try to live like him every day: fearless. 

After all the remorse and mourning (which he would've hated), this following winter, I paddled out to surf one of the heaviest, gnarly waves I have ever seen. However, I had no fear as I felt my grandpa’s presence with me. I caught one of the best waves of my life with that chain on, and I truly owe it all to him. Now I finally see what he meant: it's all about the people we touch in our lives and the relationships we form that matter, and while we'll be dust in the wind, the teachings will live on. 

Place(s): Greece, Norfolk

– KC

Relationship:  unknown unknown