My object is a picture of my great great grandmother, Ida Berman, and her sister, Bella, in Rhode Island on July 5, 1909. This picture was taken the day after Ida’s 17th birthday. She was born in Rhode Island in 1892 and her parents Bertha and Joseph Berman are from Russia. Bella had a twin sister, Becky, who is not in this photograph. The original picture was in my great great grandmother’s house in Newport and every time my grandmother went to her house she saw the picture in the hallway when she walked in. When my great great grandmother died, my grandmother took the picture and hung it up in her house in Rhode Island. Later, my grandfather had the picture restored and had copies made of it that were given to my family. My family has the picture in our house in New York City and my aunt has a copy hanging in her house in New Jersey, too.

Place(s): New Jersey,Rhode Island,
Year: 1885

– Ben Ro

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