Sony walkman and tapes

Relationship: Child of im/migrant
My sony walkman with most of my tapes
My sony walkman with most of my tapes

When I was 11, my mom introduced me to a thing called a Walkman. She had seen one in a store & told me about it. She regretted not getting it when she saw it since it wasn't too expensive. I was interested in the Walkman & wanted one for myself after I found out what it was. A month or so later, I received one as a Christmas present. A Walkman plays cassette tapes instead of CDs, & it tunes into the radio. I used it almost every day over Christmas break that year. Back then I was listening to new & old music, just constantly switching. I started listening to less modern music as time went on & I finally realized that the Walkman made me think of the story in a song instead of the rhythm or beat. If it was not for the Walkman, I would not have listened to the kind of music I now love. I do not have many tapes, but each one has tons of songs. My dad & my bond grew stronger as I was listening to music more similar to his. Even though my mom still listened to pop, she knew the songs I listened to. This Walkman is meaningful to me because it connected me to my parents and to the music I loved. A Walkman might be impactful towards people because it can bring back their memories & remind them of their childhood. For example, my parents told me stories & showed me photos after the Walkman came into our house. I think everyone should at least know what a Walkman is because I feel like it can open a new book for people & it changes the way they think of music.

Place(s): Sun Valley, ID

– TA.P

Relationship:  Child of im/migrant Child of im/migrant