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Relationship: Child of im/migrant
Baby pictures of my brothers and myself
Baby pictures of my brothers and myself

 These pictures of my older brothers, Daniel and Luis Felipe (left), and myself (right) represents the reason why my parents came the United States. My parents came from a small town in Zacatecas and they made the choice come here almost year after Luis was born—in the year 2000. Shows that they wanted a better life for their son and for any future kids to come. My parents work hard every day to help our family get by whilst still helping our relatives in Mexico. My mother works as a service cleaner and my father as a carpenter. I normally see my parents after the come home from work, so I usually grew up with my aunts and uncles babysitting me. My parents only want for what is best for and I am grateful for that. Especially my every I look at his hands with blisters and then mine which are clean. Unfortunately, now my older brother Daniel is the only one college while Luis and parents pay for his tuition. I am so grateful for my parents for giving an opportunity that I should not take for granted. 

Place(s): Zacatecas, United States
Year: 2000

– Manuel Hernandez

Relationship:  Child of im/migrant Child of im/migrant