Duke and our family project

Relationship: Im/migrant

 Hi my name is Roman Gutierrez; I am from Venezuela. I came to the USA in February 2016 as a student. I wanted to learn English. So, I planned to study in Houston, Texas.  While I was studying English, my wife studied for her medical steps. She passed her steps and found an opportunity to do her residency as a pediatrician. So, we moved to New York.  She came in July, our dog and me came in August. She found an apartment in the Bronx near her Hospital. When everything was ready, I leased a U HUAL and I drove 30 hours to come to New York. 

At that moment I needed to continue my English studies. I saw a flayer about free English classes in Sunnyside. I have met good people from different countries, I have made friends of others cultures, a new way to share, and everything is very interesting. Right now I still continue with this program because it has helped me to improve my English skills.  An important thing was planning our future, projects, family, and our future children would have met Duke, but sadly in February 2018, Duke got sick and in March he passed away. It was unexpected and we were depressed because Duke was an important member of our family; he was a good, obedient, and a kind dog. Now we have his ashes in our home with his picture and we are going to take them with us when we move to another apartment.  Finally, in the future we want to adopt a dog similar to Duke, a big dog. And we want to teach our future children the love for the animals. We love to help. 

Place(s): Caracas, Houston, New York
Year: 2016

– Roman Gutierrez

Relationship:  Im/migrant Im/migrant