My Great Grandfather's Ring

Grandfather's Ring
Grandfather's Ring

This is my great grandfather, Otto May’s ring. He gave the ring to my grandfather, and he then gave it to my father.  My father will probably give it to me. Otto bought this ring in Wiesbaden, Germany. Otto loved the ring and he would wear it on special occasions. You can’t get this ring in America because the stone is rare and exclusively found in Germany. It was priceless to my grandfather and it is priceless to us now. 
 It is not a tradition for my family to get jewelry. I think that was the only time Otto bought a ring in Germany.  Otto was happy wearing the ring on special occasions. The reason why my grandfather gave the ring to my father was because he wanted the ring to be a treasured item.  My great grandfather had many memories of his life in Germany and his trip to America. My father told me this story about nine months ago. My father tells me a lot of stories so I can learn about my family and my culture.
 Otto immigrated to America in 1936. He immigrated on a ship and it was his choice to leave.  If Otto’s family had stayed, they would have had a difficult life in Germany because of Adolf Hitler and the Nazis. On the ship he packed the ring safely in his suitcase. He immigrated to Sunnyside, Queens, NY, where his relatives who sponsored him lived.  At first, Otto worked delivering milk to take care of his family.  Later, Otto had a car dealership called Otto May’s Used Cars. My dad with his brothers, worked there, with my grandfather. 

Place(s): Germany
Year: 1936

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