A Gold Braclet

24k Gold Bracelet
24k Gold Bracelet

This gold bracelet was past down from my great-grandmother and my grandma to my mother during their Chinese tea ceremonies on their wedding days. In Chinese tradition, gold jewelry is past down from one generation to another. It represent luck and prosperity. During the tea ceremonies, the bride and groom serve tea to the elders of the immediate family. Jewelry and red envelopes, filled with money, are exchanged for the gold items. Some jewelry pieces that are given include necklaces, rings, and/or gold bangles. My mother received both traditional gold jewelry as well as some contemporary pieces from her close friends and family members. On the gold jewelry, are symbols to represent well wishes and Chinese characters. The pieces from my great-grandmother and my grandma that were passed down to my mother, on her wedding day, will then be passed on to me in the future. 

Place(s): China

Relationship:  Grandchild of im/migrant Grandchild of im/migrant