Dream catcher

Dangling over the headboard of my bed hangs the dreamcatcher that has been passed down to me from three generations. The dreamcatcher was first made by my great grandfather Pedro Huerta, a Mexican Indian raised in Mexico. As he grew up he had two children with my great grandmother Loupe in the teens of 1900. Soon after they lost the land they owned in Mexico and were forced into severe poverty. In search of work they made their way to San Antonio, Texas; there the young couple had my other great uncles and grandpa. They all eventually made their way to California and settled in the city of La Mirada and worked for Knotts Berry Farm picking. I currently still live in the home they bought in the early 50’s and now we have the deed for this home. The dreamcatcher was given to me out of the many things that they have manage to hold onto after their long journey because I am one of the first members of my family to attend a university. They wanted the dreamcatcher to signify how I didn't let my dreams go but achieved them, like how they wanted a better life for their family. 

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