Bullet Lamp

A lamp made out of a WWII torpedo bullet
A lamp made out of a WWII torpedo bullet

An object representative of my family is a bullet lamp in my grandma’s house from World War II. This bullet lamp is made out of a torpedo bullet, and I think it's pretty cool. My great grandparents and even their parents were in the military and traveled a lot. Most of them were known for being doctors in these wars. My great grandpa used to move from place to place very often, and he worked hard for other people’s safety. He was also a painter. In his pastime, he and his wife would travel to other countries giving to the less fortunate. This bullet represents the hardships my relatives went through to protect others. I never had to experience a parent or someone I live with being in the military, but after hearing the stories of my grandma’s and great grandma's lives, I imagine that they can probably relate to others who have been in the same situation. 

Place(s): America, Europe

– Adeline Velasquez

Relationship:  Great-grandchild of im/migrant or more Great-grandchild of im/migrant or more