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A rose doily
A rose doily

These doilies connect my family to memory. The doilies were made by my great-great-grandmother, Lillian Harmon.  She struggled from polio and was in a wheelchair most of her life. As my grandmother, Arthlene grew up Lillian was living with them.  Because of polio she couldn’t walk or move her left arm. Even though she couldn’t move her left arm, she still found a way to make doilies. My grandmother remembers her always making them for people. She usually only made them for family members, but anyone who wanted one would get one. Arthlene says that she was, “always sitting in her wheelchair by the sun crocheting.” Making doilies kept her occupied and happy. Everytime my grandmother looks at the doilies that she has around her house she thinks of Lillian. My grandmother says that the doilies, “Made me feel happy that she made them just for me.” Now, I am so glad that my grandmother gave us some of these doilies to remember her and to cherish. The doilies are all very intricate and beautiful. To me, these doilies resemble the hard work and time that Lillian spent on each one. I would love to learn how to make them and continue the tradition. My grandmother said if she could go back in time, she would want to learn to crochet.

– Emma

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