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Abie in a green bandana
Abie in a green bandana

Since the day I was born, Abima or Abie for short has always been by my side. He’s a big stuffed animal about the size of a baby with 2 round eyes and 4 perfectly triangular shaped eyes. The week before I was born, after one of her doctor's appointments, she went to FAO Schwarz and took one glance at Abie and decided he was the one. She bought him and he was waiting in my crib until I got home. When I got home from the hospital, he had to sit by the side of the crib before I was old enough to sleep in the crib with me. I remember in pre-school, he would sit in the stroller with me, which was quite a squeeze since he was so big. When we finally got to preschool,  I was the kid who always cried and made a big fit when my parents dropped me off. And through it all, Abie was always there. He was absorb all my tears, calm me down and go to circle time with me. After a while of Abie coming to preschool for a couple months, the teachers asked us to start bringing a smaller stuffed animal which for me, was heartbreaking. I loved him so much my parents had to go out and buy a smaller version of him for me. And ever since Abie has always been with me. 

Place(s): FAO Schwarz

– EC

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