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Relationship: Im/migrant

What does gaming do to your family members that make them feel more in their real-world, happy and during my birthday I am about to turn 4 years old dad gave me his Xbox I ask why are giving away your precious Xbox to me he said is my turn to get gaming experience anyways new  Xbox 360 is about to come out. Everyone in the family who played Wii bowling has some fun even losing to make nice jokes about how bad we play one of the games. We don’t get mad. It was the best thing to happen to become a gamer with my family enjoying our free time. and I play one of the best FPS first-person shooter games in history. It makes me have a different personality in my identity when I was younger because it gave me the path to become a good person I am right now. Most of the time I play like 7 hours a day with my parents and don't get mad unless I did all my school work. Back then some of the words I did not understand now I do thanks to video games I have heard from all my classmates even make some friends that play video games like me.
My dad used to tell me his story back in his days playing one of the best video games before Playstation, Xbox released the old only super Marios, Pacman,  genesis. He wishes I could have played one of his favorite consoles or his games. My dad always had a passion for video games ever since I was a kid. He wanted to pass down his gaming console to me since was younger and Everyone in the family treated gaming as a traditional culture for us even my mom play some video games like Wii sports to get some exercise also when I was growing up I learn to be gamer.

Place(s): Boston

– Antonio

Relationship:  Im/migrant Im/migrant