In Fun

An Instyler is a tool for either straightening hair or creating curls. My dad emigrated from Dominican Republic six years ago without my mom, my brother and me. My brother and I didn’t come with him because he didn’t want to leave my mom all alone and because he was worried about being able to support us until he found a job. After my dad had been living in the United States for six months, he planned to come back and visit us. He asked me what gift he could bring me. I was supposed to choose between an Instyler and a computer. I chose the Instyler because it made my hair straight and I already had a computer at home. To my surprise, when he came, he brought both. I use the Instyler to straighten my hair and when I use it, I feel so confident. The Instyler makes me think of my father’s hard work and how he sacrificed when he first came here. I can even imagine him crying alone and the hard times that he must have had without us. Now we are reunited again and things are better.

Year: 2014

– Jessica Nunez

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