Relationship: Im/migrant
Family photo in the Philippines with Dj
Family photo in the Philippines with Dj

As a kid coming to America, I had many expectations and fears, in particular, being in a foreign country without my mom by my side. It terrified me to start a life with no friends or immediate family near.  By my side through all the transitions was “Dj”, a bear I had carried everywhere with me in the Philippines and brought to the US with me. I saw myself in him as we were both taken out of the environment we were used to and placed in a completely new setting. My life here was in such contrast with the one I had back home; then I lived with my mom and always saw my family every Sunday, went to gatherings/events, and was rarely as alone as we felt here in America. I understood my parents wanted me to have a better life, it was still hard to adjust and acclimate. DJ’s a constant reminder of the life I had and kept me rooted in my identity, he was a bridge between my childhood and the “me” in America. He’ll always be by my side and has become family. In a way, I know my family also connects him with our old lives and is a constant reminder of how our lives have had to change. While DJ’s history with my family may only be a generation, his importance to our immigration story will surely be kept alive. 

Place(s): Philippines, United States
Year: 2012

– Coleen Pascual

Relationship:  Im/migrant Im/migrant