Old Piano

my piano
my piano

It’s interesting that every one of us has an item  in our lives that represents us. Long ago, back in 2004 one day, a young Lauren Lubin had serendipitously discovered the magical invention of THE PIANO. Little did I know that day that this piano would be the quintessential symbol of my passion and also a symbol of my family. Fun fact: my grandma has the same exact piano at her house. I even remember the days of my youth when we would drive a whole half hour to my Grandma’s house and I was able to bang some random, out-of-tune notes on that thing. Those moments inspired me to pursue my passion for music at home even more. It’s a mystery where this object came from. No one told me about this piano. I, with the help of God’s holy spirit, just discovered it and I fell in love with it from that very day I did. I wouldn’t connect this piano to any particular special occasion because to me, life is a special occasion. Music signifies the different components, the different stages, and the most beautiful moments in our lives and my piano has definitely been there for me in my life. From youth to now, it helped me cope & pass time with the sweet sounds of its songs in every note. That is why it’s important to me. It helped me shape my identity. It helped me become a creative, free-spirited young person who could care less about what others think about her. I hope to continue having joy and a love for music by playing my Old Baldwin Piano. 

Place(s): New York

– Lauren Lubin

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