Ligiah Villalobos' poster

Relationship: Child of im/migrant
Ligiah's framed Frida Kahlo poster
Ligiah's framed Frida Kahlo poster

There are a couple of things in my home that represent my culture, and I’ll put it in two ways. One is as a Mexican and the other one is as a Latina. The first one is this beautiful poster that I found of Frida Kahlo that I ended up framing, and it’s in my dining room.
The other one is many years ago I had the opportunity to work on a show called Go Diego, Go, which was an animated series for Nickelodeon. I was the head writer. As part of that research, we were able to go to different countries and do cultural and scientific research. The first year we went to Peru, the second year we went to Guatemala, and the third year we went to Ecuador. When we were in Peru, we went to a market, and there was this stunning young girl in her traditional dress. One of our sound people on the show ended up taking this photograph of her that I blew up, and it’s about three by two feet tall that I have framed in my living room. I love being able to see indigenous people in their cultural garb.

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Relationship:  Child of im/migrant Child of im/migrant