Travel Map

My family has lived in the same state for over 100 years. I’m the first of my siblings and one of my very few relatives to leave Wisconsin for an extended period of time. This past year I decided to start tracking where I was going geographically. In the last 12 months I have lived in New York, Virginia, and a very short stint in Wisconsin. While I will always call Wisconsin my home I’ve learned that putting miles under my feet has helped me to grow as a person. I started this map as a way to track not just where I was going but where my closest friends and family were going. I drew the map by hand and if you look closely the bright blue line is me. In the past six months alone I have been to Fairfax, VA, Washington D.C., Milwaukee, WI, Cooperstown, NY, Shelburne, VT, Montreal CA, and Watkins Glen, NY. In the next month I will be in Massachusetts, Connecticut, and Delaware.

Place(s): Montreal, Virginia, Canada, Wisconsin, New York, Washington DC
Year: 2016

– Anna

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