Distinguished Flying Cross

By Luke DoughtyThe Distinguished Flying Cross Medal is an award given to someone that distinguishes himself as a hero. It is made out of bronze. It is two inches long. My great grandfather won this award during World War II. His name was Clifford George LeDuc. He never told anyone that he won the award or anything about the war. He was in the Army Aircore. He was in a plane when the atomic bomb dropped in Hiroshima, Japan  and he saw Hiroshima blow up. From the b-25 that he was the gunner in, he saw the mushroom cloud of the bomb. He won the D.F.C.M. because his plane got shot and one of the doors to the plane came off and a man on the plane was gonna fall out of the plane but he grabbed his jumpsuit and saved his life. 

Place(s): Hiroshima, Japan, America
Year: 1945

– Luke Doughty

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