The ticket to life that I’m talking about is my diploma. My reason for using my diploma is because growing up in New York City it can be sometimes difficult to fit in or to be yourself with all these distractions such as money, food, transportation, friends, peer pressure, etc. Another reason is because it represents my 4 long challenging years of high school and the difficult work that I’ve experienced. It may be made with paper but it is very important to my everyday life it also represents multiple reasons of who I am today and it also represents a ticket to life by making you experience college and it makes you feel more excepted in society once you earn one. Many people in New York City haven’t gotten the experience to get an high school diploma so they wouldn’t really understand how it feels to receive one or earn one. It was an amazing feeling to earn it because in my family were immigrants from Kingston Jamaica. My parents grew up in rough area so they moved to America to get a fresh start in life to become something in life. My parents couldn’t really focus on that because they had to get their lives together financially so they had to settle for less. Seeing and hearing my parents struggle made me decide I wanted to become successful.

Year: 1997

– Jevon Russell

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