Handcrafted Desk

Handcrafted desk
Handcrafted desk

Destiny sometimes corresponds with irony when it comes to certain relations being made with certain people. All four of my great-grandparents unknowingly came from different parts of Ireland and yet they all met in downtown Queens where they got married and created amazing lives. This story actually starts with my great-grandfather on my mom’s side in 1911, due to his immigration from Ireland to America. He steadily got used to his new environment, but only with the help of his handcrafted desk. He made this lovely, handcrafted table in Ireland, but finished in America. This desk has been past down from generation to generation, as well as made an imprint on all those who have used it. Looking back at my child, I've realized that I used that desk to do everything from doing my homework to even eating dinner with my dainty toys. In addition to being a desk, it was also a storage unit for my school supplies and a dresser for my clothes. I was given this desk roughly when I was around seven years old, and at that point I was already in elementary school. In spite of being the favorite of four, I would always have the smallest bedroom. Having this three-in-one desk helped out a lot by saving the limited space I was given. I have loved this desk since the day it was given to me; however,  having grown out of my childhood, it is officially time to pass it on to my nephew and continue the family tradition.

Place(s): Ireland
Year: 1911

– Emily Sperl

Relationship:  Great-grandchild of im/migrant or more Great-grandchild of im/migrant or more